A collection of games and sketches I made in Pico. DOESN'T PLAY SOUND IN CHROME!
The .SUS, made as a joke, but turned into game. The concept is that when you win, the game is over. But when you loose, the fun begins!
The .PRIVILIGES game is based on illusion of control. You can't walk up and down or use any buttons, except the reload one. Maybe once you'll be lucky enough to win!
The .SPACESHIP is a classical easy meteor-killing game, but I won't lie - it's addictive!
The .EYE is one of the most annoying sketches I created. You can fly as a..fly, which makes a horrible noise, while the eye is watching.
The .CLIMATE_CHANGE game is a collaboration with Rein, which was made for a student march this Febryary. The idea is that you CAN change the climate, if you want to.
The .MEMPHIS_GENERATOR is a sketch I did where you can generate random moving memphis patterns.
The .ROOM is a guide through my dorm room, that I made as a part of an assignment.
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